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Moving abroad

The company for moving abroad!

Moving abroad

Mondial Kattenberg Relocations operates for more than 110 years and it is one of the pioneers in a worldwide network of International Movers, meaning we are a trusted partner and have the experience  to relocate you to any region world-wide. As experts in moving abroad, we can 

perform relocations that are tailored to the precise needs of our customers. Our professional crew can execute full-service packing and crating solutions as well as the packing, handling and transport of a variety of specialty items, including (grand) pianos, antiques, computer systems and many more belongings that may require extra attention while moving abroad.

Moving abroad specialists!

Moving abroad requires careful planning to manage relocating your belongings safely from start to finish. Mondial Kattenberg Relocations has the expertise to get your belongings safely and securely to your new home. Whether you are a family starting a new life overseas or an employee moving as part of a business. We are here to help. We bring fast, reliable and professional moving services to suit all budgets, which makes us specialists in moving abroad. Whatever the size of your move, from small to large, our commitment and customer service remains the same. Excellent!

Moving abroad is our business!

Moving abroad requires specialist knowledge and experience. At Mondial Kattenberg Relocations, we can take care of almost everything. So, if you are thinking about moving abroad, get in touch with us.We can move your belongings by road, sea and air, which best meet your needs when moving abroad. We know that there is much more to a successful international relocation than packing and loading. We will pre-empt potential obstacles and resolve problems at any point in the moving process. Whenever you need help or guidance on any aspect of your planned move, we are always there to help, providing you with what you need most during this often complex process when moving abroad.

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