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Tips for packing

Moving tips on Youtube

Tips for packing

Kattenberg has a wide range of boxes and professional packing materials available for your move, which can be delivered to you by arrangement to help you organize and safeguard your belongings. We therefore have a wide range of packaging options to suit your personal needs. With the right materials and the packing tips from Kattenberg, you can achieve professional results. All of our packaging materials and boxes are specially designed to protect your belongings during transport. That is why the experts at Kattenberg have put all this information in one handy place - to help you move better. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to pack yourself  there are 10 videos available on our You Tube Channel. You can watch them through the links below. Simply click on one of the links and a window will pop open to explain your packing and supplies. Please be aware that the voice over is in Dutch, if your Dutch is not that great you can just follow the movements of our professional packer.

1) Instructie gebruik vouwdoos (of plakdoos)          2) Instructie vouwen verhuisdoos


3) Tips over gebruik van de autolockdoos                4) Instructie inpakken breekbaar


5) Instructiegebruik tape                                               6) Het verpakken van kunst


7) Het gebruik van de garderobedoos                       8) Instructie verpakken van matrassen


9) Instructie gebruik archief- c.q. meterboxen       10) Instructie gebruik van computerboxen


11) Instructie verpakken flatscreen


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De verplichte velden in het rood zijn niet (juist) ingevuld.