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European relocation services!


Are you moving home to France or Germany? Or are you relocating to Switzerland? Wherever you are moving to across Europe, you can rely on our specialist staff to get you and your belongings there safely. With Kattenberg, you can be assured your move is always in good hands. Rest assured that our Europeans relocation services will take care of your belongings as if they are our own. Whether it is expensive artwork or your favourite sofa, Kattenberg has highly skilled personnel to hand pack each and every item you own so that it will arrive to your new home in the same condition it left in. Whether it is a full house move abroad or the delivery of a few boxes to Italy. Kattenberg specialises in international moves within Europe. Over the course of its 110-year history, Kattenberg has been specialising in moves to and from popular destinations in Europe. 

♦ Moving to Germany: Umzug Spezialist par excellence! 

We carry out full house moves and part loads to all of Germany. We move weekly to and from Berlin, Munich, Hannover and Frankfurt. Kattenberg: Ihr Spezialist für Umzüge mit höchster Qualität!

♦ Moving to France: l'art du déménagements!

We provide a regular full and part load household and furniture service and back load opportunities for those moving to France, from Paris to the Cote D'Azur. Kattenberg: L’expérience au service de la qualité!

♦ Moving to United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland!

Whether you are moving to London or anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Kattenberg takes pride in providing you a trustworthy, professional moving company, that is built on strong family values. Wherever you go, go Kattenberg!

♦ Moving to Switzerland: we make it easy!

Kattenberg is happy to help you with your move to Switzerland by offering an excellent move, many useful tips and all of the needed information. Naturally, we take care of all customs formalities for you. Besides, our staff drive to and from Switzerland on a weekly basis, so get your quote today!

♦ Moving to Austria: covered with Alps in the heart of Europe!

If you are planning on moving to Austria, whether to Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg or Vienna, Kattenberg has the expertise and the knowledge to tailor the move to your specific needs. We will help you through all the phases of moving to Austria, from start to finish.

♦ Moving to Italy: la dolce vita!

Moving to Italy is as easy as contacting Kattenberg. We specialize in professional relocations to Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and any other destination in Italy. Our experienced staff offers great service and the utmost dedication to serving your best interests.

Looking to relocate internationally?


Kattenberg is here to help you with your international relocation needs. As Kattenberg is familiar with every European country - we have more than 110 years of experience - you may always expect the same level of quality and service from us, no matter where you are moving to. Kattenberg provides you with a guide for your international relocation. Make an enquiry and meet our Relocation Advisor, who will inform you about your international relocation. To get a clear understanding of the international relocation services you need, and to assess and measure your belongings and identify your international wrapping and packing requirements, give us a visit. We will guide you through all the necessary paperwork and customs formalities required for your move. Whenever you need help or guidance on any aspect of your planned move, we are always there to help!

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